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We want to remind our readers that this document is a DRAFT version and the information presented in this document may change in the future. We strive to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information, as the project is at a very early stage, we will constantly iterate and improve the product.

What are Perpetual Futures?

Perpetual futures are a type of financial contract that derive their value from an underlying asset or index, typically a spot trading market. They are a popular type of derivative instrument in decentralized finance and are known for their high liquidity, often accounting for more trading volume than their spot market counterparts.

Why trade perpetual Futures?

Perpetual futures has two main use cases:

  1. Hedging: Hedging in crypto refers to a risk management strategy aimed at reducing or mitigating the potential losses that may result from price volatility in the cryptocurrency market. It involves taking positions that act as a counterbalance to other positions that are designed to benefit from price movements in the opposite direction. You can take a short position on a market to protect your profit in case the price of the asset goes down.

  2. Speculating - speculating on particular assets or markets, including with leverage. Using borrowed funds to increase the potential return on an investment. Essentially, investors use leverage to amplify their gains - or losses. While leverage can increase the potential profits of a successful trade, it can also increase the risk of loss if the trade goes against the trader. It is a high-risk strategy that should only be used by advanced users who understand the potential risks and rewards.

Why trade perpetual futures on blockchain?

  • Self custodized assets: You hold your assets, your coins, your funds in your personal wallet. This reduce the neccessity of trust. Several centralized has gone bankrupt and not managed to restore funds for their users.
  • Trasparency: Everything happens on the exchange is completely transparent. There is no room for price manipulation.
  • Privacy and remove the need for KYC: Trading on-chain is anonymous. There is no need for doing tedious KYC.

Void Exchange

Void Exchange aims to provide a seamless trading experience for traders like on a centralized exchange. We are working on those items to make sure our users will get the followings:

  1. Fast order execution
  2. Low fees, low gas cost
  3. Mutual benefits for both liquidity providers and traders.
    • Either long or short side will earn funding fees. If one side is dominating, the otherside will get benefit from funding fees. This create a balance for both side of the market. This is in contrast to GMX-based models where both the long and short sides pay very high borrow fees.
    • Liquidity providers take on less risk when providing liquidity because there is a great balance between long and short sides in the market. This provides confidence for LPs to provide liquidity in the long term.